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Blind Date

Why all these pretty and beautiful girls doing here?

What makes beautiful single Ukraine women search for their soul mate through our dating site.

Why girls from Ukraine and Russia and Belarus want a foreign husband for lave and date.

Why these beautiful girls can't find a husband in their native city.

They can't and that is the main reason why all these beautiful girls come to the marriage agencies and dating services, place their ad in a bldate dating site photo catalog.

Thousand of pretty women and single girls from Ukraine and Russia want to find love and get married, create a family and to be happy.

Are you looking for a Ukraine or Russian bride? Do you want to find a family oriented Russian girl and create a happy family with her.

Blind date

Hi my name is Oksana, I like to read, listen to music, to go to cinema. Sometimes I love noisy the cheerful companies, and sometimes I love to be alone. I am nice, kind, good hostess, like to cook, to knit and to grow the flowers. Also I like to travel and to go to a theatre...

Kherson Blind date

   Kherson - Ukraine

Women seek mature, stable men who will love and respect them, older, healthy, intelligent, successful, ability to protect and provide for the family.

Men seek youth and beauty.

Odessa Blind date

   Port of Odessa - Ukraine

Do you know that?

  • 915,000 Ukraine Marriage, Dating agencies in the net.
  • 271,000 Russian Marriage, Dating agencies in the net.
  • 321,000 Usa Marriage, Dating agencies in the net.
  • Moscow Blind date

       Moscow Catedral - Russia

    welcome to Blind Date Dating Site. Moscow Blind date

    BLdate dating agency provides many services including all the necessary and traditional services that marriage agencies offer. We have additional services like live chat, date live Video chat, privet mailbox, sending and Receiving letters from the girls, gift and flower delivery and travel arrangements to Ukraine and Russia, translations and transport services and many other services that we offer you to make your trip to find your future wife a success.

    Our marriage agency aims to find for you a soul mate who may become your wife. We propose that you become acquainted with Ukrainian and Russian women from our photos album for love and friendship and the creation of a family. Men from all over the world have already experienced the qualities of the women from Ukraine.


    Find Love, beautiful Girls from Ukraine. Moscow Blind date

      Blind Date bldate Blind Date beautiful ladies Blind Date pretty girls    


    Why RUssian Women!

    Russian women are known for their sincerity,Blind date faithfulness, modesty, sensuality and sexuality, and of course beauty. Most of them are very well educated and intelligent, while placing high value on their family and home.

    They are very mature for their years and view older men as more reliable, stable and secure. Russian women are very attractive and virtually indistinguishable from western girls,Moscow Blind date apart from their accents! However, their culture is different from ours. Women's rights and strident Feminist issues do not interest them they are far less concerned with material wealth and more determined to be good wives and mothers.

    A woman,Blind date even if she is a top doctor, lawyer, or scientist, would prefer a happy and stable family life to the pursuit of her own career. Although very feminine hey have a very high work ethic and try hard to create a comfortable home and please their husbands in every way. They enjoy showing affection to the men in their lives, and tend to make their minds up quickly.

    learn to respect men and to attract their attention, spend their last money for stylish foreign dress and make-up, which are extremely expensive, Ukraine / Russian women are generally very well educated and intelligent, respect and admire their intellectual peers and colleagues. Literature, art, and theater also take on considerable importance in their lives.

    Russian men have a different culture to ours,Blind date online too! Heavy drinking, particularly spirits, and excessive smoking are the norm and considered 'macho' but are repellent to most women. They feel that Russian men lack the ambition to provide a stable, safe, responsible, and loving environment for their families. and consistently take only the second place to their partner's social interests. Infidelity by the men is widespread and domestic violence is far too common no doubt made worse by the sense of helplessness that many men feel in such a ramshackle economy. Many of the most attractive and intelligent women can see no reason why they should tolerate this situation.

    Russian girls don't wish to leave home,Blindate It is their home, and it is where their friends are, However the area has been unstable for centuries and periodic destruction, rapine and massacre by one despot or another has been a routine fact of life there. To a woman her family is the most important thing in the world and many dream of raising a family in a safe, secure and loving home.

    Russian girls attract toBlind date bldate a man Looks and are not very important but it is imperative to them that a man is decent, honorable, truthful and loving. A desire to have children is also very important for the younger women, They are very hard working themselves and appreciate a reliable, trustworthy man who will do his best to provide a regular income for their home and family. It is common for them to marry men ten years or so older than themselves since age to them means maturity and stability.

    Russian girlsBlind date prefer a western man because they look for safe and secure place to bring up children. Western men are rightly believed to be more dependable, considerate, and faithful and more likely to return the love and affection they yearn to give to their chosen man.

    Russian girls are intelligent and wellBlidate educated and a lot of them do speak English, ranging from fluent to downright diabolical but since most of these women are intelligent and well educated they tend to learn quickly. It is far easier for them to learn English than for you to learn their local dialect. English classes are inexpensive but you must remember that their pay is very low, so if you do meet someone special you may wish to contribute to their tuition fees.

    All girls,Blind date who join our agency have been carefully selected and registered individually. They are actively trying to find a foreign partner for marriage or a long-term relationship. We examine girl's documents and consult and interview our beautiful girls in detail. Each lady in our agency stays close and regular contact with our managers. Some of these girls have own computers and can registered via Internet themselves and but most registered at our local agency directly.

    Many of the our beautiful girlskherson Blind date speaks English. Most speak at least some words, they are not able to afford private English courses and therefore do not speak passable English. Do not limit yourself. If you like the girl, and there is chemistry why eliminate a good match for you?

    We offers attractive romance minded Ukraine and Russian ladiesMoscow Blind date face to face within these tours. We can arrange for Apartment Rentals or hotel and Guide and Translator services in many cities of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.


    Let dating with BLdate your guide in making the first step to your wonderful and successful future!

    Our Services!

    We are happy You have decided to apply to our dating agency BLdate, dating site Bldate dating agency. Our marriage agency provide lot of additional services, such as Live chat, Live Video Chat, Email Messaging, email letters translation, travel arrangements, Gift shop, flowers and gifts delivery, guide and interpreter’s services, apartments and hotel rentals and English lessons.

  • Live Chat - Instant Messaging
  • Real time Online Chat session gets you connected quickly with online beautiful girls.

  • Live Video Chat - Live video streaming
  • You can stop wondering if the girls are real, yes they are and you can watch them Online! Chat online with your favorite beautiful girl and enjoy watching her with your own eyes. smile and laugh.

  • Email Messaging
  • A privet mailbox to correspond with your favorites girls. You can send messages straightforwardly from the girl's profile, incoming messages you'll receive to your mailbox.

  • Romantic Tour
  • Attractive romance-minded Russian and Ukraine ladies face to face within these tours. We can arrange for Apartment Rentals (hotel) and Guide and Translator services in many cities of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. Take a tour where you can meet most beautiful girls, devoted and faithful girls on the planet to start a family, We have a good experience in the matchmaking and the majorities of our couples build strong families and live happy and healthy lives.

  • Online Gift Shop
  • It is a very good time to remind your beloved ladies about your love and care by sending them a gift or flowers. You can establish your first contact with new girls by sending them flowers or any other gift from our gift shop, We will gladly deliver any gift to your lady all you need is to choose a present you want.

  • Translation Services
  • Our service allows you to forward letters to you favorite girl. To help you with the Russian language barrier we offer professional translation services that assist you with all of translation needs. Our mail Translation service has many advantages compared to regular postal service in Ukraine and Russia. It may take several weeks for a mail envelope to arrive. Postal service system is not reliable and there is a chance that some mail may not reach its destination. Our Mail Translation Service is fast and reliable, it will expedite the process of communication.

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